In Walla Walla, Washington, there’s a kickass family who puts on the Billsville West House Shows and, if you ever get the chance to play there, do it. Some of the most down-to-earth folks, who’ll stay up all night around the fire drinkin’ wine and talking about stuff that matters.
— Wild Reeds in Bluegrass Situation Root 66 interview
So, on to Billsville West, in Walla Walla. To say that we’ve been looking forward to this show is an understatement. This (and the companion, Billsville East) are two of the absolute cornerstones of living room shows. A fantastically curated, beautiful bungalow space, with a firepit in the backyard, run by some of the nicest and most genuinely wonderful people I’ve ever met. Also, with a fantastic sense of humor.
— J. Tom Hnatow
The energy you get from the Billsville crowd is unmatched by other venues. This is a hip audience who listen and care - a precedent set by radical hosts, who feel like old friends the moment you meet them.
— Lindsay Lou, Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys
One of the few venues where I feel like I can call the promotors family that I’ll keep in touch with for years to come.
— Max Shakun, Parsonsfield
Had a great time at Billsville West. Everyone was superb to work with, and the audience sang along the whole time. I’d come back anytime.
— Dan Bern
You don’t really need an excuse to take the visually stunning 5 hour drive across Washington to get to Walla Walla, but now you have one.
— Erik Hischmann, Parsonsfield
Billsville West was one of the best house concerts we’ve ever played.  Brian was very accommodating to our hectic travel schedule, easy to work with, and generous.  Plus, the burritos he fed us were on point.  Definitely hope to come back soon!
— Wood Robinson, Mipso
Billsville West is all the things a good house show should be (and then some). It’s well organized with good sound, an appreciative and attentive crowd, good local eats and drinks, comfortable sleeps and the most gracious and interesting hosts!
— Daniel Shearin, River Whyless
‘m not saying we route entire tours around Walla Walla, but we have threatened to in the past, and we just might the next time around. There are few places we’ve played over the years that we’ve enjoyed more than Billsville West. It’s easily one of the top two Billsville rooms in the country, in fact. It’s more than a house concert. It’s better than a venue. Brian and Jean are consummate hosts. And the Walla Walla community is a treasure.
— Mark Charles Heidinger, Vandaveer