Walla Walla, Washington: Come for the onions, stay for the house concerts.
— Erik Hischmann, Parsonsfield

We are a family run concert venue in Walla Walla Washington, nestled in the rolling hills of the Palouse. Nearly every month we host musicians travelling from all across the country. These evenings full of floor stomping, room vibrating, harmonizing joy are made possible by talented muscians and loyal community support. We provide a space where musicians know they'll be heard, and audience members can listen and watch performances in an intimate setting. And 100% of audience donations go directly to the musicians.

Take a moment to check out who’s traveled through in the past, and our upcoming shows. Questions? Drop us a line!

Billsville West House Show's history is one of friendship. We are the west coast sister venue to east coast's Billsville House Concerts in Southern Vermont. Brian Gabbard (founder of Billsville West) and Doug Hacker (founder of Billsville) grew up together in small town Trenton, Ohio. Together they "carved a space for themselves" through their discovery of new music. 

Years later when the two reconnected, they caught up on the music they'd been listening to for the past three decades. Doug had started Billsville House Concerts, and in August 2012 convinced Brian to join him in the world of house concert hosting. They hosted a show in November of 2012, got up the next morning and found out Frank Fairfield was coming through the Pacific Northwest in December, and have pretty much hosted a show a month ever since.

To read the full story of how Billsville West came to be, take a moment to read Natasha Rudnick's "An Age-Old Friendship Brings Music Back Home."